Person in search of a purpose…

So… My first blog on WordPress, and the start of my journey to a new, productive and creative life.

I am driven not by a passion for writing, although I have always enjoyed expressing myself, and have spent many years drafting dry technical documents professionally, but by a need to find a focus for my creativity. I would also love to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity provided by the web to connect with people across the globe, to share views and gain new perspectives.

Mainly, though, I am looking for a purpose, and a living, having just left London behind me after 30 years of living or working (or both) there. I started to see beyond the brittle shiny facade to the cracks in the mortar holding up the City, the rot undermining its foundations, and decided it was not a healthy place to be.

I have been yearning for a community, based not on  ambition for material wealth, but rather for a shared vision of a healthy, happy environment which sustains and enriches the lives of every individual in it.

A pipedream? A romantic, perhaps naive diversion from life’s hard realities? Perhaps. If that is proven to be the case, I will share the disappointment, and my shamefaced skulk will be a public as well as a painful one.

But I sense deep in my bones that change is afoot, and I want to have the time and energy to share it, participate in it and revel in it. Let’s face it, the world we live in now is sick, but not yet moribund. It needs people everywhere to reconnect with the simple things of life which bring joy to our lives: love, food, water and natural beauty.

The drive to seek ever more extreme thrills and wealth hides a poverty of spirit which is blind to the rich experience of small things deeply experienced: the intricate weft and warp of our everyday lives. The sweet breath of a sleeping babe, the brush of a warm Summer breeze fragranced with honeysuckle, the swelling pride in the achievements of your child or your team.

I hope that others will join me on my journey to a more fulfilled life, and I will try and be honest in documenting the disappointments as well as the successes. I know that going public like this is a risk, especially for someone who has long been far too concerned with status and success, but I know that it will also keep me focussed and I hope I will develop links with others so we can help support each other virtually to develop communities in the physical world too.



About teigom

A modern languages graduate fast approaching fifty and recent absconder from the rat race. Far too long wasted working in the City in pursuit of mammon (not that I ever shared the spoils, let alone the goals) , but thanks to the love and support of my beloved, am now taking stock and building a new and useful second phase of my life. View all posts by teigom

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