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I read a really interesting and thought-provoking post on Analyfe’s blog today, and it reminded me of a post I put on my Weightwatcher’s blog a little while ago.  Our WW community has a Friday Feme, and this was one of them – we created our own superhero and then explained their super-powers.  This is my alter-ego – tell me about yours… If you want to create a superhero, here is the link

Meet my superhero – Purrfectwoman. She is icecold to the touch, muscular yet soft in all the right places. She has the ears and tail of a cat because she, above everyone else, needs to listen out to protect those who rely on her, and needs her languorous long tail to help her balance when negotiating life’s little pitfalls and hurdles.

Her chest is emblazoned with the ancient taoist yin and yang symbol – opposites which do not conflict but which complement eachother, the hidden, feminine and the manifest, masculine, interacting as party of a larger system – balance again.

Her right hand is a fist of steel to keep control and knock out those who threaten her and her loved ones, but her left hand is clothed in the softest velvet glove to caress and stroke away their cares and fears.

She is booted and pink vinyl suited, perfectly, colourfully co-ordinated but with an eye always on the practical, her knee-length boots sport kneepads for those hours spent kneeling to scrub, shred and other, more pleasurable passtimes 😉

Purrfectwoman hunts for her food, brings it down with speed and efficiency, then presents it to her mate and offspring in carefully pre-chewed kisses. She wastes nothing, but nor does she over-indulge for fear of slowing herself down. She is purrfectly evolved, purrfectly elegant and purrfectly wonderful.


A thought to ponder this week…

La Paz Group

Click the image above for the full story describing scientific investigation into a phenomenon that might be called an inverted Golden Rule:

…“Self-compassion is treating yourself with the same kindness and care you’d treat a friend,” says Kristin Neff, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and the leading researcher in the growing field of self-compassion…

…A recent study at the University of California, Berkeley, suggests an even more surprising way to heighten self-compassion: acting compassionately toward others…

…“There was a unique benefit to giving support—the benefit wasn’t just from feeling connected or realizing that others had problems, too,” explains Breines, a doctoral candidate in psychology and the study’s lead author. During tough times, people naturally tend to focus on themselves and find it difficult to support others, she says. “But actually, as many people intuitively discover, taking the opportunity to support other people can make…

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Sunny Sunday, happy friends

Had a lovely today full of good food and conversation in the sunny garden. I made a Weightwatchers Strawberry Gateau for tea, then slow roasted a pork loin for supper – delicious!

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The garden was lavished with some TLC and is looking really colourful now. The hum of bees and the swoop and squeal of the house martins was a restful soundtrack to our afternoon.

The Domino Effect…

The Domino Effect…


This delightful little bird is the house martin (pic ref:House Martin – Delichon urbicum – Bæjasvala |Source=[ House Martin – Delichon urbicum – Bæjasvala] * Uploaded by Snowmanradio ). We are fortunate enough to have been chosen by a nesting menage a trois to host a nest. Yes, three house martins have set up home on our soffits, and in the space of a couple of days they had built the neatest little hemispherical clay nest hanging precariously beneath our roof.

A few days after our threesome had completed their mud hut, another pair rebuilt the nest on our neighbours’ house which had been destroyed when their soffits were repaired last year. A few weeks have passed, and now every morning we are woken by the gentle chirruping and gurgling noises (see video at link  in the title above) from the nest just outside our bedroom window.  The eggs must have hatched, because the noise levels have increased, as has the frantic to-ing and fro-ing of the adults bringing tidbits for the babies.

Why the domino effect? Another of our neighbours knocked on our door a few weeks ago to give us an article on how house martins rear their broods. She said that she spends happy hours watching the birds swooping in and out of their nests, and she thought we would be interested. We read the article, and something stopped me from putting it in the recycling bin afterwards.

Then this week I had a day off to visit the doctor, and as I decided to knock on my next door neighbour’s house and give her the article. I took the opportunity to tell her that I would be around a lot more now that I have quit my City job, and to say that we would have to have coffee when I have worked my notice period.  She is on maternity leave and her husband is on a tour of duty, so will also be at home more than usual.  So that article is literally helping me to open doors and discover my local community which I have been too busy with my long working hours and four hour commute to even be aware of, let alone enjoy!

Person in search of a purpose…

So… My first blog on WordPress, and the start of my journey to a new, productive and creative life.

I am driven not by a passion for writing, although I have always enjoyed expressing myself, and have spent many years drafting dry technical documents professionally, but by a need to find a focus for my creativity. I would also love to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity provided by the web to connect with people across the globe, to share views and gain new perspectives.

Mainly, though, I am looking for a purpose, and a living, having just left London behind me after 30 years of living or working (or both) there. I started to see beyond the brittle shiny facade to the cracks in the mortar holding up the City, the rot undermining its foundations, and decided it was not a healthy place to be.

I have been yearning for a community, based not on  ambition for material wealth, but rather for a shared vision of a healthy, happy environment which sustains and enriches the lives of every individual in it.

A pipedream? A romantic, perhaps naive diversion from life’s hard realities? Perhaps. If that is proven to be the case, I will share the disappointment, and my shamefaced skulk will be a public as well as a painful one.

But I sense deep in my bones that change is afoot, and I want to have the time and energy to share it, participate in it and revel in it. Let’s face it, the world we live in now is sick, but not yet moribund. It needs people everywhere to reconnect with the simple things of life which bring joy to our lives: love, food, water and natural beauty.

The drive to seek ever more extreme thrills and wealth hides a poverty of spirit which is blind to the rich experience of small things deeply experienced: the intricate weft and warp of our everyday lives. The sweet breath of a sleeping babe, the brush of a warm Summer breeze fragranced with honeysuckle, the swelling pride in the achievements of your child or your team.

I hope that others will join me on my journey to a more fulfilled life, and I will try and be honest in documenting the disappointments as well as the successes. I know that going public like this is a risk, especially for someone who has long been far too concerned with status and success, but I know that it will also keep me focussed and I hope I will develop links with others so we can help support each other virtually to develop communities in the physical world too.


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